Cymbals designed specifically for the Church. Finally!

Dateline: October, 2010. Location: Waco, Texas. The event: David Crowder’s Fantastical Church Music Conference Music by: David Crowder Band, Gungor, Leeland, John Mark McMillan, Jars of Clay, Hillsongs London, The Civil Wars.. and others!

What’s new: The introduction of Heartbeat brand cymbals..the first cymbal line designed primarily for the Gospel market!

Heartbeat cymbals are a natural evolution from Heartbeat Distributors, a Canadian musical instrument distributor located in Canada. They have been distributing cymbals made in Istanbul (and other gear) since 2003.

With many of their artists and customers in the Gospel music industry, the boys at Heartbeat wanted to provide that niche with something that was missing… custom cymbals! While there are a number of Christian drum companies and builders mixed in with the multitude of drum companies over the world, cymbals are different. There are basically two giants in the industry (Zildjian in the US and Sabian in Canada), a couple of European makes (Paiste in Switzerland, UFIP in Italy and Meinl in Germany), and a number of boutique companies in Turkey and some start ups in China.

“We have supplied many Istanbul (Agop) cymbals over the years to our Christian artists and churches throughout North America, but we wanted to do more than that… we wanted to develop a line specifically for the needs of those particular customers,” advises Noel Walker, Heartbeat president.

Now it’s a reality! “We started with five basic series,” says Walker. “Classic, which is a traditional Turkish fully lathed darker sounding series, reminiscent of older Turkish Ks; Studio, which is like the Classics except with a raw bell and raw stripe on the top to give a quicker decay (something that many churches will appreciate!); Custom, which is a unique cymbal mainly unlathed except for the edges on the top and bottom, providing a very controlled sound with good projection, Rock, like the Classics but brilliantly finished and lathed providing louder and more cutting volume; and finally the Raw series. These unique cymbals feature unlathed body but lathed bell to provide minimal wash and resonance, but strong volume.”

Heartbeat cymbals are hand made in Istanbul to Heartbeat’s specifications. The cymbal makers are part of the company that includes some of the original staff that worked at the Zildjian K company over 30 years ago when it was located in Istanbul.

“Hand made and hand hammered cymbals provide a different sound than the machine made cymbals that most people are used to these days,” offers Walker. “That wasn’t the way it was thirty years ago when pretty well all cymbals were hand made.” “Also, every hand made cymbal sounds slightly different from each other, while machine made cymbals are made to sound exactly the same!” What is unique is that because Heartbeat only sells their Heartbeat cymbals direct, they can keep the price down.  For example, WMG checked on line and found a very popular US instrument retailer selling a machine made Zildjian A Custom 18″ crash at $259.95 on sale (list price $453.00) Heartbeat’s hand made 18″ crashes (any series) list at only $419.00 and the church direct price is $179.00!

So you can not only save 30%, like on that 18″ crash, but get a fully hand made beautiful and unique sounding cymbal instead of a cookie cutter model that sounds just like 1,000 other ones!

Some artists that have chosen to play Heartbeats already include: Calum Rees (Brian Doerksen), Travis Nunn (Chris Tomlin), Gareth Gilkeson (Rend Collective Experiment), Dustin Ragland (Charlie Hall), Simon Kobler (Hillsongs United), Jake Dorsey (Jason Lovins), Simon Parker (Noah Cleveland), Al Sergal (Jason Upton), Josh Mitchenson (These Kids Wear Crowns), Travis Blackmore (Manafest).

So what cymbals does Heartbeat recommend for churches? “Well, alot depends on the type of music, the building, the audience…. there are many things to consider,” states Walker. “But, we always start with the Classic series. Not too loud or bright, good projection, good resonance, nice wash. Then we go from there. Want a quicker decay and a bit quieter cymbal? Go for the Studio series. Want something with less wash, minimal resonance, but good projection? The Customs are ideal! Playing to a mainly younger, uptempo audience and need more projection? The Rocks are the answer! Want to mix in some unique sounds? Add in some Raw series!”  “Of course, you can mix and match any of our cymbals with each other. They blend very well!

While Heartbeat is a distributor and usually works through stores, studios, music schools, etc. for selling retail, they do sell Heartbeat cymbals directly to churches, worship bands and offer endorsements to artists that meet their criteria. Heartbeat also works with Paw Music Ltd., an online retailer that promotes Heartbeat cymbals directly to the public.

Here is a link to Paw Music’s Heartbeat cymbal collection.

There are mp3 music samples of the cymbals on Heartbeat’s web site:


Heartbeat has launched a new web site exclusively devoted to Heartbeat Cymbals. You can find it here: Not only are there sound files for the cymbals, but artists pages and ministry pages showing what artists, churches and worship bands are using. Some have embedded videos as well. Worth checking out!

Also, Heartbeat has introduced another series, the Vintage series. These are more focused towards jazz players, but offer a quieter, darker sound which works well in small room venues.

 June, 2013 Update:

Heartbeat has added another new series..the Epic series. Fully lathed like Classic, but warmer, darker and more buttery sound. Another great product. Not just for churches, these are great for jazz gigs or just when you want a darker and washier sound. Heartbeat continues to develop new models and series as it expands beyond it’s church focused roots.




22 Responses to Cymbals designed specifically for the Church. Finally!

  1. Adrian Myrie says:

    Hi there.
    I think these cymbals sound amazing! Even better that you are a Christian company!
    I was wondering if you have a price list which u could send in email, or better yet, I’m very interested in being a part of your endorsement program.
    I’m based in London, England & I’m sure that very little drummers in my area know about or have even heard of Heartbeat Cymbals. I hope to hear from you soon

    God bless

    Adrian Myrie

  2. wmg says:

    Thanks for the comment, Adrian. You can contact Heartbeat directly at

  3. Matt says:

    Where can i find these to purchase?

  4. wmg says:

    Matt, you can order them individually at Paw Music. Click on the link at the bottom of the post. Or, if you or your church is looking to purchase a set, contact Heartbeat directly at There is a new website exclusively for Heartbeat cymbals at

  5. What are the requirements to be an artist for your cymbal company?

  6. Rudy Garcia says:

    Hello, I am New to Drumming. I am about to purchase My first Drum set (Ddrums) I know they aren’t Top of the Line, However; I am Planning on Using these as a Starter set until I actually know what I am I am aware that the set will Not come equipped with Top of the line Accessories either. I Love Hillson United’s Drumming style and that will be who I will attempt to sound like. What Cymbals/ Equipment would you recommend I add to My beginner set? Also Do you have any catalogs available? Thanks

  7. wmg says:

    Simon with Hillsongs United uses Heartbeat Custom rides and crashes and Raw hats. Beginner drums can sound great by using really good aftermarket heads (Aquarian, Remo, Evans). It is good to spend a bit more money if you can on cymbals. If you can’t afford the hand made Heartbeats, a good place to start is right here:

  8. justin says:

    I FINALLY found a company who isnt ashamed. Im a christian and worship drummer. How might I apply for an endorsement?

  9. Chad Nedohin says:

    We are using the Studio Series in our studio; they are absolutely amazing cymbals. My particular favorite is the 14″ Studio Hi-Hat. I’ve had many sets of hats in the studio and nothing sounds better than the Heartbeat cymbals. They look beautiful too!

  10. Sam Galizia says:

    I heard Jeremy B-Wack play with “The Digital Age” at my church today and I really like the cymbals! I talked with him after service and he was telling me how the cymbals don’t get in the way of vocals, that is exactly what I heard. I am the biggest Sonor Exclusive Certified Plus Drum Dealer in the US and was wondering how I can get these Heartland cymbals. Please contact me via email or phone. I live in Santa Clarita, California, or 734-377-1959.
    Thank you
    Sam Galizia
    Sam I Am Studios

  11. Justin Wilson says:

    I would like to know how can get my church a endorsement deal? Even for myself, I really love the sticks and cymbals so please contact me by email.or by call 856-221-3320 thanks.

  12. Brock Logan says:

    How might I apply to be endorsed by y’all?

  13. Lemz says:

    Hi, I’ve seen the old comments about purchasing heartbeat cymbals by set (as a church drummer) and recently sent some messages on the heartbeat website but I still got no reply on my email. How is that so?thanks!

  14. rigoberto lugo says:

    Does this cymbals crack easly or are very resistant?

    • wmg says:

      Rigoberto, they are made from B20 which is the same material that high end Zildjian, Sabian or any Turkish cymbal company use. Cracks from the edge are usually caused by the cymbal being dropped or by being hit incorrectly. Cracks along a lathe line are covered by warranty.

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